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Attract, Delight & Retain: How to Get the Patients You Want!

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Dive into our expert-led webinar series, starting with 'our 4-part series called: Attract, Delight & Retain: How to get the patients you want!

Partnering with industry leaders like SMC, Sunbit, Reach, and Kleer, we're unveiling foolproof strategies to attract and keep your dream patients.

Get insider tips, cultivate a patient base that fits your vision, and watch your practice soar! 


Meet Our Trailblazing Speakers

Dental Visionaries Sharing Strategies for Practice Success to Attract, Delight and Retain

Cory Pinegar

Cory Pinegar


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Gary Bird




Robert Nunziato

Head of Inside Sales & Sales Operations


Eli Salls

Eli Salls


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4-Part Webinar Series

Attract, Delight & Retain: How to Get the Patients You Want!

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Elevate your dental practice growth with insights from Cory Pinegar, CEO of Reach! Discover key strategies for attracting, delighting, and retaining patients. Learn how to address missed phone calls, optimize conversion rates, and implement systems for consistent patient experiences. Gain valuable insights into reactivating overdue patients through technology-driven communication.


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Unleash the power of precision marketing with SMC's Gary Bird! Join Gary in a game-changing discussion on the critical importance of tracking your ideal patient's journey. Discover how their cutting-edge mapping technology revolutionizes your marketing efforts, delivering precision in attracting the patients you desire. Scaling your practice is impossible without proper tracking, and Gary reveals the game-changing data metrics you need – from cost per acquisition to phone conversions and lifetime patient value.


Elevate your dental experience with Sunbit's financing solution! Join Robert Nunziato in an exclusive discussion on transforming dental treatment into a delightful experience for both patients and office staff. Discover fast and easy payment options that alleviate the anxiety caused by the industry's high treatment costs. Robert emphasizes the need for a superior financing experience and introduces Sunbit's tablet tool, enabling a seamless 30-second application process with high approval rates. 


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Unlock the full potential of patient value and retention with Eli Salls from Kleer! Join our exclusive webinar on optimizing membership plans for your practice. Dive into the vast opportunity with uninsured patients (27% of Americans), explore coverage options, and discover the benefits of membership plans. Gain insights into data on patient engagement and revenue increase, understanding the economic viability for practices and positive outcomes for patients. Learn from Eli Salls about common implementation mistakes to avoid and the crucial role of team buy-in for successful execution.


Unlocking Patient Gold: Strategies for Attracting, Delighting and Retaining Your Dream Patients!

Discover Proven Techniques to Draw in, Impress, and Keep Your Ideal Patients Engaged and Happy in Your Practice with our FREE 4-part Webinar Series

Winning Methods to Attract and Delight Your Perfect Patients!

Explore Effective Strategies to Engage and Retain Your Ideal Clientele for Lasting Practice Success!